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When The Road Ends

When Dylan Wickrama reaches the Darién Gap in Panama after 3 years on the road he has to come up with a plan to get around it in order to continue his trip from Alaska to Argentina. Dylan builds a raft atop ten oil barrels, powered by his motorcycle and sets sail across the Pacific Ocean.

On his trip he covered 210,000 km and road through 80 countries, starting in Switzerland and ending in Argentina, but the real adventure

began at the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia. Dylan's book "When the Road Ends" is available on his website and on Amazon.

A true story told in an outstanding quality." - Swiss National Radio and Television. Originally published in German as "Am Ende der Strasse".

They even say that the book is the best motorbike travel tale in years, best since Ted Simon's "Jupiter Travels".

A documentary film too is on its way to be produced about the Sri Lankan's adventures in the Pacific.

"I trust in physics, but even more so in miracles that seem to happen when we discover the true joy of life," says Dylan. "Out to sea I was able to experience a unique adventure and test myself at the limit."

Dylan grew up in extreme poverty and dreamed of an adventure to travel around the world. Unfortunately he had to grow up too fast and too soon but against all odds he manages to venture into the unknown on his BMW R1150 GS he calls "Bruce" and a very tight budget. When on Pan-American Highway Dylan's dream journey almost comes to an end when the road ends in Panama. For centuries, the Darién Gap has been a destination and a challenge for many explorers and adventurers. Alongside jaguars, wild boars and venomous snakes, it is home to indigenous peoples known as the Embera-Wounaan and the Kuna, drug smugglers and rebels. Efforts were made to build a road, but due to environmental concerns, that a road may destroy the cultures of the Indigenous people, and the threat that it may become more accessible for drug trafficking put an end to the discussions.

But Dylan has a plan and soon he finds supporters for his idea. He uses the motorcycle as a motor for the raft and takes petrol on board to refuel. He floats for days caught in strong currents until the dolphins come to rescue him.

One of the most incredible adventures ever!

"I have learned to overcome my fears, to be patient and I learned more about my skills. When I look back, I can hardly believe that I did what I did. These six weeks were the hardest and, at the same time, the most beautiful of my life. We have to believe more in ourselves. We need to focus more on the good and have a positive attitude than dwell on the impossible."

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