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MotorcyleRentalToronto was established in early 2015 and it offers experienced riders fully equipped rental motorcycles for long distance touring at competitive prices.

We have over 170,000 kilometers riding experience on HONDA ST1100 and HONDA ST1300 motorcycles, as well as vast experience with the required maintenance of these impressive machines.

If you are a long distance rider, we know exactly what you need for that long trip you have been planning for so long. You need a powerful, comfortable and very reliable machine, you need good tires and good brakes, a tall windshield to protect you from the elements, good riding gear and reliable electrical connectors for your GPS, phone and other gadgets. Heated vests and gloves will keep you warm in those chilly mornings or evenings when you need to keep going.  You have plenty of space for your luggage on a HONDA ST1300. We provide you with all of the above. We don't just rent you a motorcycle, we make sure you have everything you need for your long distance trip.

We are located in Gatineau, Quebec. Phone: 416 938 5436     


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